Thin Metal Sheets Goes Beyond Expectations

Sometimes orders don’t always go as planned, and when a client’s shear line went down in the middle of a customer order, Thin Metal Sheets (TMS) stepped in to save the day. A custom fabrication business contacted our sales department in a panic-they had a customer order to fill and their shear line was down for an unexpected repair.

Without outside help, they’d never be able to fill the order and would likely lose the customer. At TMS, we have a proven track record of completely complex orders with tight tolerances in compliance with strict industry standards, and this reputation is what brought the customer to us for help.

The Process

The trained, professional sales staff at Thin Metal Sheets quickly went into action to determine the full scope of the customer’s needs. As they were reviewing requirements for the job, the sales representative quickly realized that the inoperative shear line wasn’t the only issue—the client didn’t have enough material to complete the order. By recognizing this immediately, TMS was able to correct the deficiency from our own stock and suppliers, enabling us to complete the order.

The full specifications for this project included,

  • 302/304 Half Hard Stainless Steel
  • 500 units custom slit to width and sheared to length
  • Part Dimensions of .010” x 2.500” in lengths between 9” and 30”
  • Tight tolerances of +/- .0005” x .005” x .062”
  • Delivered in three days to Ontario, California

Because this client required such tight tolerances, rather than doing inspections on the first and last piece, our dedicated shop staff performed inspections on every tenth piece to ensure the highest level of quality. In addition, immediately secured capacity for expedited shipping upon placement of the order to make sure delivery would occur within the client’s strict timeline.

The Outcome

At the close of the project, we were able to help fulfill our client’s requirements beyond what even they realized was necessary. The experienced sales representatives recognized the material shortage before the client even realized there was one and provided the solution. In addition, our shop staff’s proven track record for working beyond industry standards allowed us to meet or exceed the client’s requirements for AMS-5904, AMS-5911, and ASTM-A-666 compliance without additional preparation.

Finding an error, solving a problem, and delivering a superior product which exceeds expectations is how we earn repeat business. At Thin Metal Sheets, we take pride in providing the highest level of customer service to help you complete the job accurately and on time—every time. Contact TMS for a quote today.