When the Going Gets Tough, Call Thin Metal Sheets

At Thin Metal Sheets (TMS), we get it: Doing business is hard and comes with a range of unexpected challenges. So when an industry peer ran into problems, rather than take advantage of the situation and steal a competitor’s business, our compassionate staff at TMS came to the rescue. At the end of the day, we believe that integrity and doing what’s right matter more than the bottom line.

The Problem

An industry peer – who could be considered a competitor – realized they had a problem with materials in their inventory due to circumstances beyond their control. In danger of missing their customer’s deadline, they reached out to us at TMS. While we had the available materials and could have cut out the competitor and serviced the customer ourselves, our staff at TMS saw a better way to handle the situation.

Rather than capitalize on the misfortune of another company, we earned a new and trusted partner by helping our competitor meet their customer’s need instead. In this case, we took our competitor’s specifications for their customer’s product and went to work. Those specifications were:

  • 500 pounds of sheared Stainless Steel
  • Various Dimensions with a tolerance of +/- .063”
  • Inspected to AS-9100D Compliance
  • Delivered direct to the client’s customer in two days

The Solution

Not only did we complete the order to the precise requirements of the client, our shipping department packaged and shipped the products in discreet, non-marked boxes with our competitor’s paperwork. At the end of the day, the final customer never even knew there was a problem.

The core values we practice at TMS every day mean you can count on us to do the right thing every time. Whether we’re filling an order for ourselves, or helping another company meet the needs of their customers, clients can count on Thin Metal Sheets to provide consistent high-quality service to get the job right.

In this case, rather than take advantage of a competitor’s bad luck, our crew found a way to save the order and help an industry peer in dire straits. Everyone on our staff pulled together to provide quality material on time. Our intervention saved our industry peer hundreds of dollars in penalties and freight charges.

We want you to know that whether you’re a new customer, a repeat client, or even an industry competitor, when it comes down to it, our staff just wants to help make sure your products are delivered on time. Collaboration and ethical business practices are core values at TMS. Contact Thin Metal Sheets for a quote today.